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(Note: Prometheus is refenced as Pr and Pandora as Pa)

-Pr:" Mwahaha! You weak parhetic fool! You we're too easy."

-Pr:" You stupid humans should know who to mess with and who won't."

-Pr:"I'll tear all of you apart. Why? Do I have to have reason?"

-Pa:"If you we're smarter, you should have left before it was too late."

-Pa:"You do I have to exuse my brother. But you should not undermestimate me."

-Pa:"Fighters always rush themself to the way of danger. And in the end, they all will die."

To a partner:
-Pr: "Hmp, I guess you weren't that bad after all in the end."

-Pa: "I am thankful for helping us [partner]"

-Pr: "What was that all about? You we're at bad as those other guys!"

-Pa: "I really don't think we need you. We two can do just fine ourselves."

Vs. Konami

Vs. Simon Belmont: "Pr: You might have defeated Death himself, you there is no way you can defeat me!"

Vs. Dracula: "Pr: That's it? That is all what 'dark lord' has to offer? What a joke you we're!"

Vs. Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin: "Pa: Even if we fight on even terms, you don't have the power to actually defeat us."

Vs. Aeon: "Pr: Listen up there. I don't care what we should do with out time. We do what we want and you need to shut up!"

Vs. Gabriel Belmont: "Pr: And this guy was ment to defeat the great evil or smething like that. This guy is a chump!"

Vs. Solid Snake: "Pa: Hiding might be your best option. When Prometheus is around, some one is going to die."

Vs. Metal Gear Rex: "Pr: You ment to scare people with this piece of junk? This thing fall a part in less than a minute!"

Vs. Gyborg Ninja: "Pr: It doesn't matter if you used Model P or something like that, you are still too weak."

Vs. Psycho Mantis: "Pa: We know what will most likely happen to us. But yet, we fight, knowing that we will be okay."

Vs. Bill Rizer: "Pr: There ain't enough strenght in any of your weapons to even do any real damage against me!"

Vs. Solar Boy Django: "Pa: When the sun dims out, you are left defensive agains attacks. Fatal mistake."

Vs. The Count: "Pr: Immortal, you say? Well it ain't helped you when I strated to kick your sorry back side!"

Vs. Heather Mason: "Pa: All these creatures what you have based come from you. You are itself the 'chest' what contain these creatures

Vs. Goemon: "Pr: Mwahaha! What a clown you are! I haven't had this much enjoyment for a long time."

Vs. Sasuke: "Pr: You stupid puppet! Get out of my face or die!"

Vs. Hikaru: "Pa: What you think you can acomplise with this? You are far too weak to fight on foot."

Vs. Aoba Anoa: "Pa: You might be best in aerial combat, close to ground, your advancive becomes minimal."

Vs. Twinbee: "Pr: What a piece of junk! Even a simple Met would destroy this thing!"

Vs. Konami Man: "Pr: If all you do is to help others, you are nothing than waste of my time!"

Vs. Getsu Fuuma: "Pr: Some great warrior you ended of being. You are nothing than a tin can to be opened with my scythe."

Vs. Ryukotsuki: "Pr: I'll crush every bone yopu have left on your body, Dragon Bone Weakling!"

Vs. Sparkster: "Pr: You can come at me all you want, I still smash you right to the ground!"

Vs. Axel Gear: "Pa: If you keep switching your side, no one will thrust you at the end."

Vs. Leo Stenbuck/Jedohy: "Pr: That little toy of yours is as weak as you would be in battle."

Vs. Lady X: "Pa: Robots are nothing but inferior to Reploids. Your defeat was predictable."

Vs. Lazlo: "Pr: What's the matter? Am I hurting you too much or is it you who is hurting yourself?"

Vs. Tir McDohl: "Pa: You bring others to you, yet your powers will kill them if it comes to it. Sad tale, I say."

Vs. Luca Blight: "Pr: Hey, you and I are quite the same. I fit wasn't the fact you are so weak, maybe you could hang with me."

Vs. Capcom

Vs. Ryu: "Pa: It seems that your fate with something called 'Pandora' ain't that pleasant in the end, am I right?"

Vs. M. Bison: "Pr: I am getting sick of guys like you. I will kill you before you get ideas with us!"

Vs. Rose: "Pa: What do you think you can accomplise anymore? You died once, so why you returned back?"

Vs. Charlie: "Pa: You don't seem to know about what is to come to you? I won't tell, but it will be tragic to say the least."

Vs. Demitri Maximoff: "Pr: Serpent had atleast more charisma than you. You are just some weak royal."

Vs. Donovan Baine: "Pa: You hunt the dark yet you are one of them. How ironic."

Vs. MegaMan.EXE: "Pr: Some MegaMan you are! You would not stand chance agains others!"

Vs. SF MegaMan: "Pr: The game of Destiny doesn't want weak MegaMen like you there!"

Vs. Prometheus and Pandora: "Pa: You should not imitade us. Even I get bit mad about this."

Vs. MegaMan Juno: "Pr: This Model sure picked some weak woman to be it's partner. You are woman, right?"

Vs. Nathan "Rad" Spencer: "Pr: Your little toy is just a cheap armor what can be cut in half easily!"

Vs. Claire Redfield: "Pa: If I was you, I should run. I and Prometheus can be more frighting than anything you have faced."

Vs. HUNK: "They call you Mr. Death? Mwahaha! You ain't worthy of such a nickname!"

Vs. Vergil: "You call yourself strong? Hah, you are weakling in my eyes, half breed!"

Vs. Alice: "Pa: Your own weapons come to your own downfall. You are left wide open for an attack."

Vs. Regina: "Pa: You might have faced strong foes but they're just mindless beasts, making them easier to take down than some one with human intelligence."

Vs. Mike Haggar: "Pr: You think you can defend your city? Well you ain't got the strenght to do so!"

Vs. Goldibus: "Pa: Even if you're not Mechaniloid, you are still the same as one: No matter how big and menacing you are, you are still weak."

Vs. Captain Commando: "Pr: You deserve long and painful dead by how annoying you are, Captain Fool-ando."

Vs. Strider Hiryu: "Pr: You have the speed, but you lack the strenght to take us down with that saber of yours."

Vs. Pure & Fur: "Pa: There is nothing purely pure in this world. Even you are tainted because of battle."

Vs. Nina: "The princess who rebels from her duties ends up bringing her own country's downfall."

Vs. Chuck Greene: "Pr: We ain't your average psychos. No, we are the the one who bring dead to all living and undead creatures!"

Vs. PTX-40A: "Pr: YOu ain't able to crush me! I would most likely lift you up and throw you back to the ground if I so wanted to!"

Vs. Gene: "Pr: Your fist ain't nothing onto our weapons! I should easily cut that thing off with rest of your limbs."

Vs. June Lin Milliam: "Pa: You have no plans beside revenge? Why bother to fight then?"

Vs. Mai-Ling: "Pa: Firey ladies are not strange to me. Yet, you lack the striking power of the one I know."

Vs. Nobunaga Oba: "Pr: If they call you demon king, then they should crown me as the new one!"

Vs. Other

Vs. Kai: "Pr: Shoo, pesk. I have no time to waste on so weak people like you."

Vs. Celia: "Pa: Your effort is pointless. You can't do anything to stop what is to come."

Vs. Filia: "Pa: Why do you want to seek your past? It might be something you want to firget than to remember."

Vs. Yugo: "Pr: Parhetic! I have seen monkey to put of a better fight than you would ever do."

Vs. Taokaka: "Pa: You have no idea what happens to world around you. This is what will bring your death."

Vs. Seto Kaiba: "Pr: Bhahaha! What you think you are going to do with those cards? Going to give me a paper cut or something?"

Vs. Terry Bogard: "Pr: A dog like you should know where to keep his mouth shut. Or should I just burn the whole thing up while I'm at it?

Vs. Nathan Drake: "Pa: What do you seek for? Fame? Fortune? Not really worth gaining if it means losing one's life."

Vs. Marcus Fenix: "Pr: Not so tough now, huh? Its a lot easier to kill some one with flesh than some one who is made out of metal."

Vs. Pit: "Pa: All you are is a blind slave. Maybe a blissful death is all waht you need."

Vs. Bosses:

Vs. Bass.EXE: Pr: You call yourself the strongest there is, but you are nothing but bad programming ready to be deleted!"

Vs. Evil Rose: "Pa: Even with two personalities, you cannot hide on what you truly are."
Here's winquotes for Prometheus and Pandora for my game idea, Konami vs Capcom.

Unlike with Jonathan and Charlotte, who speak to each other to each quote, I desided to make it so that Prometheus talks most of the time, whole Pandora speaks some times.

(MegaMan series: Owned by Capcom)
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
Prometheus talking most of the time fits since he talked more in ZX.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
I Like how their personalities contrast so much. Think they should have quotes against Bass EXE and Omega Zero, but nothing comes to mind at the time.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
There's a such a contrast that it can sometimes make one forget that Pandora is just as evil.
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