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Commands notice:
[QCF]= Quarter Circle Forwards
[QCB]= Quarter Circle Backwards
[HCF]= Half Circle Forwards
[HCB]= Half Circle Backwards
[FDFD]= Forward->Down->Forward-Down
[BDBD]= Bacwards->Down->Backwards-Down
[Special Moves]
Head Charge: Any attack button+Special Attack Button (Air OK)
Description: MegaMan Juno launches himself towards like a missile. Juno will travel in different direction depenting which direction you are holding down.

Laser Arm: HCF+Any Attack button (Air OK)
Description: MegaMan Juno fires a laser out of the hole of his fingertips. The button what was pressed determents how he fires the laser.
Light: Fires it straight towards.
Medium: Makes one arm hover in air before firing laser downwars. In air, he isntead fires it upwards.
Hard: Fires the laser straight up or straight down in air.

Teleport: BDBD+Any Attack button
Description: MegaMan Juno will teleport. With Light, he teleports straight front of the opponent. Medium causes him to teleport behind the opponent in air. Hard causes him to teleport in the middle of the screen.

Torture Pillar: FDFD+Any Attack button.
Description: Juno causes four pillars to appear from the ground. If the opponent is hit by them, they will get electrocuted and hold in place. With Light, the pillars appear front of Juno. With Medium, they appear in the middle of the screen. Har causes them to appear int he other side of the screen.

Dive Bomb or Dive Shockwave: Down+Any Attack button or CQF+Any Attack button (Air)
Description: With Dive Bomb, MegaMan Juno just simply drops down by his own weight. With Dive Shockwave, MegaMan Juno comes down in similar fashion but upon landing he causes shockwaves to travel towards.

[Super Moves]
(Level 1) Cleansing Fire Clash: HCF+Two Attack buttons (Air OK)
Description: MegaMan Juno says "Begone" as he starts gatering energy between his arms to form a giant fire sphere. He then spins up to the air and throws the fireball down to the ground. The fireball slightly homes in on opponent and causes shockwave to come out upon hitting the ground.

Levitation: CQB+Special Attack button
Description: Your stantard flight mode for JUno.
(Level 1) Cleansing Burn Wave: HCB+Two Attack buttons
Description: MegaMa Juno says "Burn to oblivion." as he starts gathering energy for both of his arms. He then spins, revealing both energy charges as a huge fire wave which travel across the ground.

(Level 3) Eden laser: FDFD+ Two attack buttons
Description: MegaMan Juno says "This is the end." and charges up a multicolored energy sphere above himself between his arms. He then fires it off to the skies, which makes rainbow coloured lasers rain down from the skies. These lasers are quite devastating and to be dodged as best you can as they fall directly above the opponent.

Intro: MegaMan Juno will hover in air for and says "Are you ready?" or "Activating combat systems." before landing on the ground.

Taunt: MegaMan Juno will reach out with his arms and then pull them back saying "Systems normal" or " No problem here."

Victory Pose: He will say "Carbons of this area are destroyed." "Moving on to next location." or "I am done here for now." ad he starts levitating up.

Time Out: MegaMan Juno's arms will fall down and he will lean backwards.

Energy Blast: MegaMan Juno will grab on opponent and fires of a small energy blast out of his other arm while other arm holds the opponent.

Thorw Away: MegaMan Juno will grab on opponent and throw him/her away behind himself.


Normal: (A) Head Charge (B)Laser Arm (straight) (Y) Laser Arm (Up)
Supers: Cleansing Fire Clash, Cleansign Burn Wave
Counter: Dive Bomb

[Colour scheme]
1. The normal color of his
2. Black colouring on whote parts and line around himself are now red, somewhat similar to Yami from Okami
3. The withe parts are coloured light blue and gray parts with deep blue, refencing other MegaMen
4. Dark purple with lines around him and the mark on his lower body being vanilla coloured, simial to Yuna
Here's moveset for MegaMan Juno for my game idea Konami vs Capcom.

Now he's spot in here might be taken over because the MegaMan Legends will have character called Barrett which, frankly, I man bit interest of. So then game comes out and I think he's enough to my liking, I might replace MegaMan Juno with him.

(MegaMan Legends series: Owned by Capcom)
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StRaider2150 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Wait wait ... a game character ? your goign to make a fighting game involving megaman like characters ?
TPPR10 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
No, no, no. I'm not planning to make an actual game out of this. This is just an idea for a game and I just do these things. And MegaMan Juno is an official character.
StRaider2150 Featured By Owner May 5, 2011
Oh ... shame ... but still, nice moveset.
Phen01 Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I would just like to say that your pixel art is amazing! :+fav:
TPPR10 Featured By Owner May 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Uhhh, I didn't make that picture. That's actually his sprite from Namco X Capcom. Infact, anu of the prewiev pictures fo these aren't mine.

BTW, thanks for the watch
Phen01 Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
Sadly I never got to the end of Legends. Got stuck on the boss after the Geschallshaft fight. As for Barrett, from what I've seen he would be a pretty cool addition.
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