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Commands notice:
[QCF]= Quarter Circle Forwards
[QCB]= Quarter Circle Backwards
[HCF]= Half Circle Forwards
[HCB]= Half Circle Backwards
[FDFD]= Forward->Down->Forward-Down
[BDBD]= Bacwards->Down->Backwards-Down
[Special Moves]
Command Normals:

Soul Piede (Forwards+ Heavy Attack button) : Rose quickly bends forwards and kicks upwards with her back leg.

Slide (Down-forwards+Medium Attack button) : Rose preforms a simple slide technique.

Soul Spark: HCF+Any Attack button
Description: Launching her scarf forwards, Rose lauches a blue projectile forwards. The attack button you use will determent how fast the projectile goes.

Soul Spiral:  QCF+Any Attack button
Description: Wrapping her scarf around her hand like a drill while it gows, Rose does a rushing punch attack. The button you pressed determents on how far Rose goes with the attack.

Soul Reflect: QCB+ANy Attack button
Description: With her scarf glowing with aura, Rose whips with her scarf. Though the attack may do little damage, it's has other usage than just damage opponent. Light version absorbs projectile, turning it into Hyper Bar energy and boosting the power of next Soul Spark, Medium version reflects the projectile straight torwards and Heavy reflects the projectile into the air in an angle.

Soul Throw: FDFD+Any Attack button
Description: Rose jumps into the air with her arm glowing with blue energy. If Rose comes in contack with any one in air, she will grab the opponent and throw the opponent behind herself into the ground while the opponent is ignited with blue flames.

Fool's Trickery: BDBD+ANy Attack button
Description: Rose waves around a card on her fingers front of her. If opponent hits Rose during this animation, Rose creates a giant "Fool" tarot card to dissapear and reappear in another spot. The spot Rose will teleport is determent on which button you pressed, Light teleporting her far away from opponent, Medium behind the oppoennt and Heavy above the opponent.

[Hyper Combos]
(Level 1)Aura Soul Spark: QCF+Two Attack buttons
Description: Rose says "Spark with you." as she wraps her scarf around herself as it glows. She then yells "Aura Soul Spark!" as she launches her whip towards, releashing blue projectile surrounded by green and yellow electricity.

(Level 1)Soul Satellite: QCB+Two Attack buttons
Description: Rose says "Let the spirits guide you" with her hands open, summoning blue soul spheres above each hands. The two spheres then start orbiting around Rose. The spheres act as both attacking methods and as shields, each sphere taking two hits to destroy. Tounching the opponent with the spheres will destory them right away though. Landing direct blow at Rose will destory both the spheres.

(Level 3)Illusion Spark: FDFD+Two Attack buttons
Description: Rose says "Try tis on for size" as she holds her scarf over her. She then says "Illusion Spark" As she throws her scarf forwards. If the scarf hits the opponent, it will wrap around opponent's hand, allowing Rose to sap the opponent with Soul Power, gausing opponent to glow in green and yellow colours as they generate sparks. WHen Rose whips her scarf back, the opponent collapses down.

Intro: Rose is floating in air with her arms crossed with two blue spirit orbs floating aide her. She says "You're nervous, aren't you?", "I wil make this easy on you." or "Don't worry. This wll be quick." before spinning arond, grabbing the orbs into her hands and lading, going into her battlee posision.

Taunt: Rose slightly turns away from opponent, puts her other arm into her hips and fans with her other arm while saying "Not bad." or "Don't get cocky".

Victory Pose: Rose creates a orb of spirit energy above her hand and throws it into the air, which splits into two which start circling around eachother before she cathes both of them with her hands as she says "Did that hurt too much?", "Admireably, I saw this coming." or "I have no time to waste fighting here".

Time out Pose: Rose turns around, lets her scarf fall down behind herself and covers her face with her hand.

Soul Fall: Rose slaps opponent's chest and causes her arm and opponent to be ignited with blue energy. By raising her hand, she raises the opponent into the air, and then brings her arm down, slamming the opponent into the ground.

Soul Loop: Rose slaps opponent's chest and then gauses her hand and opponent to be ignited with blue flames. She then uses the psychic powers to throws the opponent over herself.

Normal: [A] Soul Spark [B]Soul Reflect (M)[Y] Soul Throw
Hypers: Aura Soul Spark
Counter: Soul Spiral
Here's moveset for Rose for my game idea, Konami vs Capcom

Oh these things are so much easier to make then you have the game in hand. I had hardly any problems with making this. Well, expect understanding what Rose says int he beggining of Aura Soul Spark before just saying "screw it, I'll jsut make something myself".

(Street FIghter series: Owned by Capcom)
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
Pretty true to her and like any personal touches you made here.
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