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-"All shall, and will, bow down to me, Nobunaga Oda."

-"I am known as the Sixth Demon King. YOu now see why I have gain such a title.

-"Challanging me fas foolish. Admireable, yet follish in the end."

-"There are many worlds to look for yet there is only one world what I desire."

To a partner:
-"I guess I am gradeful for you help. Is rare I really need help."

-"If you listen to my every command, you might get place as my right hand man then my clan is rebuilted."

-"You are useless to me. Begone of my line of sight, or I shall kill you like everyone else."

Vs. Konami

Vs. Simon Belmont: "I am the one and true demon lord. Your powers cannot even come close destroying me."

Vs. Dracula: "You have no rights to be called Demon Lord. My powers are far more greater than the ones you possess."

Vs. Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin: "You remind me of one couple back home. Who, like you, are as weak agains my might."

Vs. Aeon: "Dead will indeed come to us all. And unfortunaly for you, your times is up now."

Vs. Gabriel Belmont: "Only the strongest have the chance of coming back from the dead. You wife is too weak to pass the boundary of life and dead."

Vs. Solid Snake: "Hiding from me shows me how weak you are. But I shall not leave any survivols behind, so take your last breath."

Vs. Metal Gear Rex: This is nothing. Once I have maded good mark on the armor, I will blast this to pieces."

Vs. Gyborg Ninja: "There is no ninja who can stand agains me, no matter how different he or she is."

Vs. Psycho Mantis: "Are you brave enough to look into my mind. Trust me, I have visuals here what will frighten even you."

Vs. Bill Rizer: "I don't need such complex weapon. This gun of mine has already shot down hundreds of soldiers."

Vs. Solar Boy Django: "Your spirit may shine bright, but I shall dim the light you so desire and plund you into darkness."

Vs. The Count: "Even the immortals have to die someday. You have already escaped dead many times, but there is no escape from it now."

Vs. Heather Mason: "You haven't seen true fear. The things what I have seen are the most terrifying things you will ever see."

Vs. Goemon: Goemon Ishiwaka? Hmph! I would have expected better with your reputation."

Vs. Sasuke: "Puppets like you will simply burn away without any trouble."

Vs. Hikaru: "You might be cheerful now but let's see how cheerful you are then you see the carnage I have brought down."

Vs. Aoba Anoa: Land, skies, sea. My wrath comes crosses everywhere and all, no matter what, shall feel my power."

Vs. Twinbee: "You and humans are just oversized incects. And as do them, you will be crush."

Vs. Konami Man: "Bring out all the warriors you can find. I shall just simply slaughter them all for I shall rule my land."

Vs. Getsu Fuuma: "Yes, I do remember a man who goes by simial name. You are much less skillful but you do talk alot more than he."

Vs. Ryukotsuki: "So you claim you are a great demon? Then how come I haven't heard a single word about you?"

Vs. Sparkster: "Such a pitiful rodent. I don't have time for types of you."

Vs. Axel Gear: "If you shall not obey me as your new lord, I shall make sure your death will be short but painful."

Vs. Leo Stenbuck/Jedohy: "You don't even dare to face me. That thing of yours will not project you for long."

Vs. Lady X: "Not a single creature will escape my power. No man, animal or mechanical creature like you."

Vs. Lazlo: "What does it say on a clan then their leader is weakling like you?"

Vs. Tir McDohl: "What you are doing is simply gathering more corpses into one place, as my power can slay hundreds of men."

Vs. Luca Blight: "You call yourself the face of evil? You barely fill the fullfillment for such a title."

Vs. Capcom

Vs. Ryu: "You might not be "One Eyed Dragon" but you still have atleast enough strengh to fight agains me."

Vs. M. Bison: "You're not fit to rule. You lack the skills to actually do something for it."

Vs. Rose: "You are already died once. Now it's time to return back to the land of dead."

Vs. Charlie: "Death awaits you. There is no point denying it any longer."

Vs. Demitri Maximoff: "Maybe then I have conquered Earth I might focus on conquring Makai next."

Vs. Donovan Baine: "You are not worthy of the powers what have been granded upon you.

Vs. MegaMan.EXE: "You can only infict a scar with your weapons. Bit impressive, but not good enough."

Vs. SF MegaMan: "There is also a spirit who helps me. Unlike you, I don't need to rely on him to defeat my foes."

Vs. Prometheus and Pandora: ""The reaper and the witch? Neither of you can prepare yourself on what is there on the other side."

Vs. MegaMan Juno: "Soulless puppet. You lack any power to even think wiping out an island full of humans."

Vs. Nathan "Rad" Spencer: "All soldiers will fall to me if they lack the proper weapon. Your device is useless before me."

Vs. Claire Redfield: "You carry many guns. Sort of like my wife. Unfortunaly for you, you will meet the same fate as her."

Vs. HUNK: "Even those who claimed to never face death have to face it eventually. And I am the one who will give you it."

Vs. Vergil: "Sparda isn't strong enough to defeat me. Neither are you, boy."

Vs. Alice: "I don't need so many weapons in order to make my opponents to tremble upon my feet."

Vs. Regina: "Even the creatures you have faced are just mortals. I am in otherhand a demon come to destroy these lands."

Vs. Mike Haggar: "You have the strengh of Hideyoshi but you still aren't as good as he was."

Vs. Goldibus: "No matter if you're big or small, no one has the power to overcome my own."

Vs. Captain Commando: "Such foolish heroes. Your days of glory are over and so are your lifes

Vs. Strider Hiryu: "Your hits barely leave behind a scar. I instead will leave a mark you will never forget."

Vs. Pure the Mage: "To think a child like you have the nerves to stand agains me. how admireable."

Vs. Nina: "You will learn to fear me, princess. I conquer all what lies in my path."

Vs. Chuck Greene: "Even the dead are more better than man. If I have to turn the land full of the corpses of my enemies, I shall do that."

Vs. PTX-40A: "To think that a mechanical creature smaller than you posed much more of a tread than you."

Vs. Gene: "How remarkable. A human like you who actually left a visible mark on me. Only few have able to do that to me."

Vs. June Lin Milliam: "Your parent's death is just the beggining. How will you feel if every one you know ends up being death?"

Vs. Mai-Ling: "You flames lack the vigor to power them ut to order to make me feel them."

Vs. Nobunaga Oba: "I do believe that other worlds have some one with same name as me. Never trough that one of them would look like me."

Vs. Other

Vs. Kai: "Waste of my time. Can't make me even feel any kind of pain."

Vs. Celia: "Your alliance os weak. Once you are gone, there is nothing to built it up again."

Vs. Filia: "You remind me of a creature on my ancient legends. Trough never I would have expected to come out like this."

Vs. Yugo Ogami: "Man, beast, animal, whatever, All what cross my path will be destroyed."

Vs. Taokaka: "Fool is the one who doesn't know no fear. Clearly you are idiot."

Vs. Seto Kaiba: "You show your weakness by summoning your creatures. Such weakness is unforgiveable."

Vs. Bosses

Vs. Akuma: Your ultimate tehnique is nothing to the man who overtook the Hell itself."
Here's winquotes of Nobunaga Oda for my game idea, Konami vs Capcom.

Yeah, sorta got my inspiration on making this by Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition (WHich has nothing to do with Samurai Warriors, mind you), so guilty as charged.

Then it comes to him, well, not sure what to feel about this one. It has been long time since I watched this playtrough of Nobunaga's "story" in SB3 and it's quite hard to get on the feel of character if you cannot understand what's he's saying. So this is something I want to most possibly change some stuff later.

(Sengoku Basara series: Owned by Capcom)
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InsetoSonhador Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015
dude,you forgot Dante.
Syaz193 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012
Badass as always, although some typing errors.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011
Still trying to get into Sengoku Basara, but sadly the only Wii game as eluded me thus far. Still, I know Nobunaga is pretty badass. Here's a few suggestions.

Goemon: "Goemon Ishikawa? Hmph! I would have expected better given your reputation!"

Nathan Spencer: "All soldiers will fall before me if they lack the proper weapon. Your device is useless before me!"

Nina: "You will learn to fear me, princess. I conquer all that lies in my path!"
kart42 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011
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