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September 4, 2011
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Theme song: Neo Arcadia III (MegaMan Zero 3)

Intro: Copy X is standing there, before striking a pose, making his Ultimate Armor to pop up before getting into battle posision.

Intro lines:

-"This world noneeds some one like you around."

-"Follow my rule, or I'll have to kill you."

-"I'll take care of you personally."

Vs Magneto: "Humans like you are never welcome to Neo Arcadia."
Magneto vs. "Metallic puppet like you have no right to say what is wrong and what is right."

Vs. Sentinel: "You are nothing but a Maverick. Prepare to die."

Vs. Zero: "I am going to ends this once and for all, Zero!"
Zero vs. "X? No, this can't be you..."

Vs. Dr. Doom, MODOK, Morrignan or Haggar: "You are not fit to rule in any sense. I in otherhand am."

Vs. Dormammu or Shuma-Gorath: "Dimensional rulers like you should be exterminated right now."
Dormammu: "You think you can rule? How amusing..."

Vs. Frank West and Zero in their DLC costumes: "You're the real copy, not I"

Vs. Nemesis "Just mindless abomination."

Vs. Tron Bonne: "Why do you speak to me so personally, human?"
Tron Bonne: "I finally found you, MegaMan!"

Normal Attacks:

Light Attack: A simple right hook.

Medium Attack: Straight towards kick.

Hard Attack: Copy X fires out a short range shot out of his X Buster.

Light Attack: Straight towards hand stab

Medium Attack: Sweeping Kick

Hard Attack: Does a powerful punch towards

Light Attack: Knee kick

Medium Attack: Backhand attack

Hard Attack: Copy X fires out ashort range shot out of his X Buster

Special: Copy X does a powerful overhead punch

Normal Moves:
Charge Kick: Down-towards+ Light Attack: Copy X slides on the ground while his lower body is covered in energy. Able to slide under projectiles.

Launcher: Copy X punches the ground, which makes energy burst out of the ground next to Copy X's hand.

Buster Blaster: Copy X grabs on opponent, punches him/her into stomach and then fires out a shot from his X Buster.

Back Suplex (Ground and air): Copy X grabs on opponent and then uses boosters to lift both of them in air, and doing a back suplex.

Spin Maveuer Kick (Air): Copy X spins with hisopponent before kicking opponent down.

Special Skills:
Wall Jump: Copy X is able to jump off the edge of the screen.

8-directional dash: Copy X is able to dash in all 8 directions in air.

Weapon Charge: Copy X is able to charge up his X Buster and Elemental Shot Attacks.

Special Moves:
X Buster (Quarter Circle Forwards+Special Attack button)(Ground and air): Copy X fires out a blue shot out of his X Buster. Mash quickly to fire two more shots with the first shot. Aerial version aimsin downwards ankle. Can be charged up for one bigger shot.

Nova Strike (Quarter Circle Backwards+ Any Attack button)(Air only): Copy X spruts two "wings" from his X Buster and the charges towards while covered in energy. Can be slightly aimed and the attack can be delayed by holding the button down, making Copy X fall down slower.

Elemental Shots:

Elec Shot (Quarter Circle Forwards+ Light Attack button)(Ground or Air): Copy X fires out a slow moving electrick spark out of his X Buster which also has slight homing abilities trough doesn't turn aroundif you dodge it. Fires in angle in air.
  -Ground Spark (Air and ground). After charging up Elec Shot, Copy X slams his fist into the ground which makes sparks to traver on the floor. In air, he decents down to do the punch

Ice Shot (Quarter Circle Towards+ Medium Attack button) (Ground or Air): Copy X fires out a chunk of iceoutof his X Buster. If attack hits the ground or wall, the ice crystal will shatter, shooting out small ice shards. Air version fires in ankle
   -Ice Tornado (Air and Ground): After charging up Ice Shot, Copy X creates a tornado of ice shards towards, simial fashion to Storm Tornado. Fires towards in air

Fire Wave (Quarter Circle Towards+ Hard Attack Button) (Ground and Air): Copy X fires out a stream of fire out of his X Buster which raises upward after traveling little while. Aerial version aims downwards.
    -Volcano Wave (Ground and air): After charging up Fire Wave, Copy X fires out a fireball to the sky which makes six other fireballs rain down from the skies. The flames fall next to Copy X and stay on the ground for a short while. In air, Copy X fires the fireball down, which then split into six parts then touching the ground.

Hyper Moves:
Tentei Laser (Quarter Cricle Towards+ Two Attack buttons)(Level 1)(Air OK): Copy X says "No use." while pointing his X Buster towards. He then fires out multiple laser beams out of his X Buster in random towards direction. Best to use in short range. Beams can hit OTG

Reflective Laser (QCF+Two Attack buttons+hold Heavy buring animation)(Air OK)(Level 1): Copy X says "Take this" and fires out short laser out of his buster, which reflects off the walls. Copy X is able to move around while the laser is active.

Mekido Flame (Half Circle Backwards+ Two attack buttons)(Level 1):Copy X says "Helmet Shot" while his forehead crystal starts glowing. He then fires out two beam out of the forehead crystal after each other which is followed by with a trail of fire. Hits OTG

Raging Charge (Quarter Circle Backwards+Two attack buttons)(Level 1): Copy X screams out and a pillars of light come down, which makes him heal his health (even normal health). He is completely armored buring this but is not immune for damage.

Elemental Buster (Half Circle Towards+ Two attack buttons)(Level 3): Copy X says "Your time is up." as he creates a halo at top of his head. He then fires the halo towards quickly. If the halo connects, the opponent is stuck in it. Copy X then jumps front of opponent. He then creates an electric tornado around opponent. He then fires a cluster of fireballs into the tornado which spin around in it before firing out an ice dragon into the tornado to add to the damage. Copy X then says "Farewell" as he fires fully charged X Buster-shot into the tornado, making it dissapear and opponent to be blown away.

Taunt: Copy X holds his X Buster front of him and says "Pitiful." or "How weak."

Victory Pose: Copy X floats off the ground and takes a pose somewhat simial to a angel.
-"Another Maverick cleaned off at the face of the earth."

-"I am the only ove who can save this land."

-"This happens to all who try to oppose me."

To Magneto: "You kind has no place under my rule, mutant scum."
From Magneto: "You call yourself savior, but you're anything but."

To Sentinel: "All Mavericks shall and will be completely destroyed."

To Zero: "You should have stayed dead and not to ruin my utopia."
From Zero: "This can't be X. You're too naíve to be him."

To Tron Bonne: "I wish not to harm you, but if I must..."
From Tron Bonne: "And that was for all the stuff you maded me go trough!"

Palette Swaps:
1: The normal Ultimate Armor color
2: The Ultimate Armor parts are now red like he has Fire Element on in the games
3: The Ultimate Armor parts are now light blue like he has Ice Element on in the games
4: The Ultimate Armor parts are now green like he has Electric Element on in the games
5: The Ultimate Armor white parts are now blue and yellow parts white, somewhat similar to his Seraph Mode.
6: The Ultimate Armor is colored same as original X's Ultimate Armor

Alternate Costume: The Ultimate Armor is now similar to what original X has.

A: X Buster (Ground)  Shot Towards  Super: Laser Sting
B: Fire Wave (Air)  Shot Downward  Super: Burning Ground
Y: Charge Kick  Direct Towards  Super: Laser Sting

Character Bio:
Name: Copy X

Real Name: MegaMan X

Occupation: Ruler of Neo Arcadia

Abilities: Copy X was built with same powers as original Mega Man X to make perfect clone to replace him.

Weapons: His main weapon is X Buster, which is able to fire different types of projectiles.

Profile: Copy X was created by scientist Ciel to replace original Mega Man X. However, he didn't have same memory as original X, and he started to execute other Reploids as the ruler of Neo Arcadia.

First Appearance: Mega Man Zero (2002)

Power Grid:
Intelligence: 3/7
Stregth: 2/7
Speed: 4/7
Starmina: 3/7
Energy Projection: 6/7
Fighting Ability: 4/7
Here's moveset for Copy X if he could appear as DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Yeah, this idea sorta pop out of my head. But hey, if this guy would get in, atleast we have somekinda MegaMan in (And for the love of Kojima, Zero is nothing like MegaMan X! You know how piss off I get then people say "Zero is just MegaMan with lightsaber" even trough that's clearly not the case. Urgh.)

(MegaMan Zero series: Owned by Capcom)
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Randomdrifter865 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think his intelligence should be lower than that and he has to have that stutter. Other that that it sounds neat.
TPPR10 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
The power grid was maded compared to Zero's grid in MvC3 so that's why he is so intelligence trough now changed in comparision in UMvC3. Also, this is more closer to the original COpy X than the copy Copy X (copyception).
Randomdrifter865 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I see.
LightDemonCodeH Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
vladax94 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011
Not bad, i would say it's great, VERY VERY GREAT!!!
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
Vs. Zero and Frank in DLC outfits)

"You're the copy, not I."

(Vs. Nemesis)

"Just a mindless abomination."
deathjchaos Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011
nice one dude i made a simular one for x but i left out his grab taunt and quotes..well il make his quotes another time
heres the link if ya wanna c his alternate colors are in the link in the description on that same page [link]
DestinyDecade Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. Very nice. :D
TPPR10 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you
DestinyDecade Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome. :) Make sure you check out my moveset for my Mega Man. :)
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